The Sauroters

Sauroters Capter Symbol
The Vergina Sun

Having gotten back into the hobby in 2014, after a break of twenty years, I have decided to try and produce something a bit ambitious. My goal is to create an original Space Marine Chapter including fluff.

There is more than one way to enjoy this hobby: reading the fluff, playing the game and the painting and modelling. Of these I am probably least interested in playing the game although, that may change once I have painted an army. That said, I still want to create a balanced (yet fluffy) list. I am particularly keen on creating something that is as WYSIWYG as possible.

My initial idea was to create something based on the Greek Hoplites. This is by no means an original idea but I do like the aesthetic so reason enough. I chose the Vergina Sun as the Chapter symbol. It’s associated with Ancient Greek culture, but as I subsequently discovered, has had some unfortunate connotations in modern day Europe. I hope the choice is not in poor taste.

I am going to try and post weekly. I hope that this schedule will motivate me as well as be a record of my progress. I anticipate this project taking a year. I’m pretty sure 12 year old me would think I was awesome, which is nice because I’m fairly unimpressive in general.