Bolt pistols

Image: Victoria Miniatures

In a previous post I mentioned WYSIWYG. For me, it’s a very satisfying part of modelling. Coincidentally, I hear it’s important for tournament play although that’s not something that particularly interests me. Tactical marines, in addition to bolters and combat knives, are armed with bolt pistols.

As with knives, the Tactical Box Set doesn’t contain enough bolt pistols to equip an entire squad. With my Ultramarines I ordered a bunch from an ebay seller. Again, this is expensive and supplies are limited. Also, although I like the sculpt, the GW bolt pistols are too large. Comically so when compared to bolters. Where do they put all their ammo?

For my Sauroters I want to include three Tactical Squads and a Devastator Squad. That’s a lot of bolt pistols. I have a few pistols left over from my Ultramarines and the three new tacticals box sets I’ll need to buy will provide a few more. However, not enough. I am not sure if I can find more loose pistols and not sure I want to pay for them piecemeal if I can.

Plan B is to use GW bolt pistols on the Devastators and buy after-market pieces for the Tacticals. Devastators can be equipped with either pistols or bolters (I think). I think pistols get two shots in the assualt phase. So, for crunch reasons, I think it makes sense to equip troops who may be assaulted with pistols. At range, they’ll be using heavy weapons, making bolters a bit superfluous. The sargeant however will be equipped with a bolter for the same reason, to shoot at range.

From a fluff point of view I think it makes sense for the Devastators to have a larger guage (GW) pistol as it’s their only defense at short range. And for Tacticals to have a smaller guage pistol to compliment their primary weapon-the bolter.

I have found an after market pistol from Victoria Miniatures. You can see the product here. I like that it is unholstered. It looks a bit more accesible that way. Plus, I have always imagined that power armor uses space-magnets® to mount equipment. The clip looks smaller than on a GW bolt pistol, which makes sense in terms of carrying ammunition.