Scatter Terrain


This is some scatter terrain I made for the Frost & Fists  Terrain on the Cheap Challenge*. The challenge was to build a piece of terrain for less than a dollar. From watching a lot of battle reports, scatter terrain seems to be a really important part of their set ups. It’s also a bit less time consuming. I intend to do some large terrain pieces but after the Sauroters project is completed.

*Update I came in second place which is great. You can see the entries here.*

The original idea came from a video by Ichiban Painting. You can see it here. The challenge seemed to be a really good opportunity to try the hairspray chipping technique. The terrain is made from the gates you get on your Forgeworld models. The ‘rebar’ is made from paperclips. The signs are made from plasticard with rivets made by applying superglue with a cocktail stick. The decals came from the Ultramarines transfer sheet.

The hairpspray method works surprisingly well. I’d like to try it again, maybe with multiple layers. It is also much, much easier applying decals to a flat surface. The ‘rivets’ built up with superglue worked Ok. Next time I’ll build up a few layers. It might be a good option for vehicle rivets, although I have seen a couple of alternatives that look likely.


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