Tech Marines

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As I mentioned in my previous post I bought the Forgeworld set of two Apothecaries from an ebay seller. The models had some casting imperfections. That’s to be expected but one of the bubbles was on the muzzle of the bolt pistol. I am not sure that I can be bothered to fix it, I don’t think it’s too noticeable.

The MKII armored Apothecary was going to be repurposed as a Techmarine. To do this I need to remove the Apothecary iconography from the body, swap out the Narthecium arm and add a servo harness.

Anvil Industries does a great conversion set which they call mechanical arms. You can find it here. I am planning on magnetizing the arms so that the storage is a bit easier. The set also includes a hand with some kind of wrench. I like this a lot better than the GW Techmarine axes. It also makes more sense in terms of it being a tool rather than a weapon. With 4 servo arms I’m not sure if an axe is necessary or redundant.

Painting red is supposed to be relatively difficult. I am planning to build it up from brown and go for something fairly desaturated. The model sports a lot of lenses pipes and tubing so I hope I can use those to create some visual continuity with the overall color scheme of the army.

I want to add some hazard striping to the pincers on two of the mechanical arms. I have found it difficult to achieve a look I am satisfied with, when painting hazard stripes in the past. However, I have gotten a little better and the small area I need to cover should help. Basically I build up a yellow surface from brown and add the black stripes on top of that. I use masking tape to help keep the lines crisp.

I also want to add some chipping effects to the servo arms. This is because I want the servo harness to look really industrial and heavily used. I am going to use the Vallejo Chipping Medium over a variety of browns and oranges. I am probably not going to do a chipping effect on the hazard striped elements. This is because it might be rather tricky and also look a bit much. I am going to imagine that these elements get swapped out as they get damaged, whereas the arm itself doesn’t, hence the chipping.


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