Image from: ForgeWorld.co.uk

I really like the fluff of Apothecaries so I want to include one in my collection. I am not sure if I would include them in an army list though. They seem a bit superfluous. Perhaps there is a formation that takes advantage of them. I think a command squad includes an Apothecary but I prefer to go light on HQ choices.

Forgeworld offers a great Apothecary model. Oddly, you buy a set of two. I am not sure why this is. Why would you need two? One of them has MKII Iron armour. So, I bought the set from an ebay seller with the intention of using the MKII variant as a Techmarine. The sculpts are really nice but they both have their foot up on something, as have just about every HQ choice. It’s not a problem per se, but it is a little comical.

I like painting white and I am intending to use a warm white colour scheme. There is a great tutorial from Dr Faust’s Painting Clinic, which you can find here. I really like this channel and in fact, I support it on Patreon. There is a ton of great content. For instance there is more than one tutorial on white.

I am thinking about painting the tabbard as leather. I plan on doing the same with the Techmarine model. I think it looks a little more brutal than cloth, given the Apothecaries duties. Also, like many Forgeworld products, the cloth features embossed iconography. It seems odd to me that cloth on a combat uniform would be heavily embroidered but the idea of embossed leather seems suitably utilitarian.


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