Dragon Forge Design

I am not a fan of unhelmeted Space Marines. It just seems silly given how high tech the armour is supposed to be. It looks a bit better when the miniature is modelled to have a helmet on the side but it still seems a bit reckless. It’s also not very WYSIWYG.

I ordered a Chaplain model, via an eBay seller, from the Deathwatch: Overkill box set. I really like the pose of the model and the relative lack of chapter specific iconography. I will replace the Deathwatch pauldron and arm with one of the 3D printed Sauroters pauldrons and leave off the large Ultramarine badge from the chest plate.

The only problem is that the model is bare-headed and there is no optional Chaplain helmet. This seems a bit of an omission given that the Chaplain’s helmet is unique.

At first I considered converting a helmet. I found a good online how to which can be found here. However, I struggled to find a suitable skull. I looked online for after market skull helmets but didn’t really like anything I found. I did however come across Dragon Forge Design. You can find their website here.

Head Set 1# Sculpted by Tom Meier

They have a range of African heads cast in pewter. The GW range is almost entriely Caucasian, so I like the idea of having some diversity in my models. Some of the heads look a bit Escape From New York but there is one in particular (bottom row middle) that looks pretty dignified. I think he’ll make a good Chaplain.

Dragon Forge Design has an interesting range of products. In particular I was quite tempted by their power cables. The pewter would be really easy to model into shape. Although, I recently came across a tip to use the bristles from household dish brushes that seems worth trying.

I want to include some vehicles in my Demi Company but I want to complete a Tactical Squad and some HQ choices before I start modelling them. I am intending to do a fair amount of conversion to my vehichles so it’s a project I want to tackle in the summer because it’s very humid where I live, so I won’t be so motivated to paint.


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