Victoria Miniatures



As I mentioned in a previous post, I am trying to keep my models WYSIWYG. Spacemarines are meant to be equipped with bolt pistols. Unfortunately, the tactical box set doesn’t contain enough bolt pistols (or combat knives) to equip an entire squad. So, I looked for some after market alternatives.

I ordered some of these bolt pistols (as well as some plasma pistols) from Victoria Miniatures. I really like the sculpt and also the size. I find the Spacemarine bolt pistols a bit oversized. They also don’t fit well in combination with pouches and grenades. The models begin to look a little overburdened.

The pistols are unholstered. That suits me fine. I like to imagine their equipment being attached with space-magnets® rather than traditional webbing. Although I am quite tempted to try and model them with Dirty Harry style holsters.


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