Epic Roster.com

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am not very interested in the gaming side of the hobby although I do want to create balanced lists. Now I have completed my Ultramarines I wondered how many points I have altogether. I don’t have the Space Marines Codex, so I searched online for an alternative and discovered epicroster.com, a free online list building tool. You can create, save and export lists.

I worked out that I have 500 points of Ultramarines. That was the goal for that project. My initial goal for my Sauroters is to paint and model a demi-company and some HQ choices. Maxed out squads should give me about 1000 points total.

I bought an electronic version of the 40k rules so, should I begin playing, I’ll pick up a copy of the Codex. The Saroteurs are a sucessor Chapter of the Untramarines so I’ll be following their rules.


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