Ultramarines Devastators

In a previous post I said I would post some pictures of my first attempt at Space Marines. In fact, this is not quite the first. I originally wanted to paint White Scars and did in fact paint a 10 man squad. During the painting process I abandoned white in favor of a kind of khaki scheme.

I was pleased with the results but there were a few niggles. In particular, the vents on some of the backpacks had become clogged with ‘frosting’ from overapplying superglue. I have since learned that, especially with resin, a really thin coat of super glue is better than a thick one. Not only is the bond better but there is less chance of frosting.

Apparently, frosting is caused by fumes from the glue. They harden on the model and cause that distinctive white crust that is impossible to remove. From what I read online, frosting can be eliminated by using small amounts of glue and ensuring adequate ventilation across the surface. A fan is useful, especially in humid weather.

So, I decided to strip the models and paint them again as Ultramarines. I chose Ultramarines because I wanted to create a more balanced color palette. I will include what I learned about color theory in the next post. Also, I like the Roman theme, particularly the Chapter symbol.

After a fair amount of research I used non-acetone nail polish remover to strip the models. This is because the models combined plastic and resin elements. The results were pretty good but the nail polish remover melted some of the very fine detail on the resin backpacks. It worked great on the plastic though. I recommend gloves and really good ventilation. I found even just the fumes irritated my skin pretty badly altghough it’s worth pointing out that I’m almost fluorescently white.

Below is a picture of my Devastator squad. They are led by a Veteran, hence the white helmet. I went with missile launchers for crunch reasons. Similarly, the Veteran is armed with a bolter instead of a chainsword and bolt-pistol because they are not intended to be in close combat. With my Sauroters I want to have a 10 man squad with 4 missile launchers and 4 magnetized to cover flamer, melta, las and possibly grav.


The quality of this picture is pretty poor. I have done a little research on photographing miniatures, but I haven’t applied much of the advice here. This is mainly due to lack of time. Also, these miniatures are not even nearly finished.


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