Sauroter Chapter Appearance

A first draft of a color scheme. Created using the Space Marine Painter. The left pouldron is bronze. The rest of the armour is intended to be a terracotta color. I intend something a bit more desaturated. The choice of color will also depend on what Tamiya rattlecan colors are available for basecoating. I’d also like a Vallejo model air color for highlights mainly due to the very thin consistency of the paint.

Tactical Marine
Veteran Marine
Veteran Sergeant
Assault Marine

Update: Having since completed highlighting my Ultramarines I have changed my mind on the Sauroters color scheme. I am going with green rather than orange. I really enjoyed painting blue and I think I’ll get a similar result with green. Green will also make it easier to keep to a complimentary overall scheme.

Specifically I have chosen  Vallejo Panzer Aces Russian Tank Crew and it’s highlight. These colors are designed to work together and I want to try and get a good blend through several layers. I’ll also be able to use blue for the helmet lenses.

I also intend to paint all the layers with a brush. I will split the models into several sub-assemblies and batch paint them. This should make the painting less tedious.


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