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This project is not my first attempt at modelling and painting Space Marines. In fact, that attempt is not actually finished. I have painted (apart from highlights) three squads. Two tacticals and a devastator squad. I had intended to paint a 1000 point Ultramarines army, but as I finished the base coats, inspiration struck and the Sauroters were born.

I am quite pleased with how the Ultramarines have turned out so far and I learned a lot in the process. I’ll put some pictures in a later post. The main lessons I’ll be applying to the Sauroters project are:

  • Remove all mould lines as completely as possible
  • Don’t try to remove small moulded details unless they are really irritating
  • Undercoat in grey (Tamiya) primer
  • Use as many subassemblies as possible
  • Paint the helmet lenses first

I’m looking forward to doing this. Modelling space marines is very satisfying unless it’s drilling out barrels. It’s something I think you really need to do but I find very difficult to get right. I’ve ruined quite a few weapons trying to do it. Although, I’ve found once they are painted it’s difficult to tell which ones are off-center so that takes a lot of the pressure off. There are also a few things I will be trying for the first time:

  • Base coating the armour with a Tamiya undercoat spray
  • Using Vallejo black metal for weapons.
  • Edge highlighting weapons with graphite.
  • Using a pinwash to pick out rivets and other details

Of these, the base coating probably seems the weirdest. I just found basecoating armour with a brush really tedious. Boredom led to mistakes, which led to touch ups, which led to paint being too thickly applied, which led to detail being obscured. And a few things I need to research/ practice more thoroughly:

  • How to model realistic poses
  • How to magnetize
  • How to paint lenses
  • How to paint bronze
  • How to paint hazard stripes

Hazard stripes have been particularly difficult to paint to the standard I want. Mainly because I thought hazard striped chainswords were the coolest thing in 40k when I was twelve. Having tried a few times and a few methods I think black pen on yellow paint is the way to go. I’ll also try scoring guide lines in.

I think I’d like to make them a bit of a reoccurring feature. Not just chainswords but also on my Devastators. I’d like to add stripes to the front of the missile launchers. Just above the end of the barrel. Also to the servo harness of my Techmarine. More on him in a later post.


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