Ordering some resin backpacks from Anvil Industry.

Image from:

I’ve never liked the Space Marine backpacks. So much so, that when I was thinking about getting back into the hobby, they were a bit of a deal breaker for me and Space Marines. This posed a bit of a dilemma because I wanted to collect and paint them. Then I wondered if you could buy after market backpacks. Turns out, you can buy anything you can imagine.

Image from:

I ended up buying the backpacks above from a company called Anvil Industry. You can find them here. I really like the three transverse vents along the top. In a previous post I mentioned that my first attempt was two squads of Ultramarines. I learned a few things about working with plastic and resin, converting them and the backpacks looked great.

I want to use the same backpacks with the Sauroters. They feature a fair bit of riveting which I removed on several Ultramarine models, mainly to speed up painting. I think the riveting probably fits my theme better plus, this time around I want to try pin washing with oil paint and thinner, which should speed up the painting.

I’m not sure exactly why I don’t like the GW backpacks. I like some of the elements but they suffer from the tendency of GW to adorn their models with moulded skulls. I guess that the moulding makes painting more accessible for beginners but it really limits choices. Mouldings are often chapter specific and removing that stuff can be really time consuming and the results can’t be predicted until an undercoat is applied. Which is another way of saying too late.

This time around I’m really going to take my time with cleaning up mould lines. Part way through my Ultramarines I discovered sanding sticks. These can be purchased for pennies from the make-up aisle of the local supermarket or Daiso. They work really well and are very easy to use. Now I have seen the whole painting process, I feel more motivated to put the work in at the initial stage.

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