For me, a really satisfying part of modelling is what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG). Something that has always bothered me a little bit about the Space Marine models is the lack of webbing. They appear to have no spare ammunition. So, I usually add pouches to each marine armed with a bolter.

There is an excellent blog called Leave No Model Unconverted. I won’t say I’m not tempted to try and make all the marines true-scale, but I just don’t think I’d ever finish a wholearmy. Or even one marine. I particularly like the way he mounted the combat blades behind the shoulder. Check out the blog here.

Each tactical marine is meant to have a combat blade. Unfortunately, the Tactical Squad box set only includes a couple. For my first attempt at Space Marines, I ordered a bunch from a seller on ebay. That was Ok, but supplies are limited and it’s not cheap.

Some Hoplites were armed with a short sword called a Kopis. There was another shorter heavier sword, called a Xiphos that was used by the Macedonians. The kopis had a very distinctive handle and a leaf shaped blade similar to the Nepali Kukri. I’ve always admired the kukri’s shape. Sadly, the way I intend to mount it, the blade won’t be very visible but the handle will.

In an earlier post, I ordered some custom shoulder pouldrons from Shapeways.com. A quick search led to a set of kopis, that are just what I am looking for. Again, custom 3D printing is not cheap but it fits the theme so well, I can’t help myself. Plus, ebay isn’t going to be much cheaper and the box sets simply don’t include enough knives.

The kopis were designed by a seller on the Shapeways platform called dynath. The Shapeways site is a matketplace for sellers of 3D printed objects. I contacted the seller to see if (s)he could do something on the price. To order 50, plus shipping, is really expensive given what they are. Sadly, there has been no reply.*

Plan B is to order 10 and use them with one squad of veterans as a badge of rank. This will be included in the fluff (if it ever gets written). Lemonade from lemons I suppose. This hobby is expensive, this project all the more so, but I am trying not to completely take the piss.

You can find the store here

*Update: I did receive a reply from dynath a couple of months later. Unfortunately much of the cost is due to manufacturing and set by Shapeways. Any discount s(he) could give wouldn’t reduce the price much just shortchange the creator


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