Shoulder Pauldrons

Ordering custom 3D printed shoulder pouldrons from Shapeways.

Created by yeomanmodels

They say no man has a hobby unless it costs more money than he can afford and requires more time than he can spare. In that spirit: 3D -printed shoulder pouldrons.

To me, pouldrons are the most iconic part of power armor and I really like painting them. Although, I am not a fan of painting the trim in the squad color. Mainly because it makes it difficult to create a balanced paint scheme. The trim make sense in terms of fluff and has a more substantial look.

I  don’t particularly like studded pouldrons and I find them a pain to paint. Also, since the release of Battle at Calth, I associate them much more strongly with 30k and the Sauroters are a Second Founding Chapter.

Custom 3D-printing is expensive but it was either this or custom transfers. The chapter sign is far too complicated for me to free hand. Hoplites wore their shields on their left arm so I might make the left pouldrons all bronze. I think an embossed design fist that concept better. Although, I really haven’t decided on a color scheme yet.

There is also a choice of material between regular, or the wonderfully named frosted ultra detail. I will probably go for the more expensive option as I won’t have an opportunity to see a sample. Also, the cheaper price is not cheap.

On the bright side, it does solve a problem I’ve had with Tactical Squad box sets. If I want to have multiple weapon options I am usually limited by the amount of pouldrons I have. I also don’t particularly like the pouldrons with the sunburst or scroll. With 50 custom pouldrons I’ll have enough to magnetize specialists, sergeants and HQ choices with multiple weapon options.

The pouldrons were designed by a seller on the Shapeways platform called yeomanmodels. The Shapeways site is a matketplace for sellers of 3D printed objects. I had a great experience with the site and seller. You can find the store here. I’ll post some photos of the pouldrons when they arrive.


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